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Simplify Compression Therapy With Doff N’ Donner

By Dr. Samuel P. Martin

Compression therapy offers a powerful tool to improve your vein health, but how many times have you struggled to put on these tight garments? Particularly if you have reduced flexibility or pain, properly putting these fitted socks and stockings can be a huge challenge. But Vascular Vein Centers now has your solution!

If you’ve suffered through venous disorders of the legs like edema, phlebitis and thrombosis, you would probably agree that obvious benefits of quality compression stockings exist. Compression socks minimize pain and heaviness in your legs. But the challenge of donning and removing these tight-fitting support stockings may have been difficult for you, particularly if you have limited dexterity. For many, getting the garment on and off feels almost like trying to get the toothpaste back into the tube, and in some cases has even required a second set of hands.

With the release of the Doff N’ Donner, Sigvaris has effectively removed the biggest barrier to pain relief for patients using compression therapy: the difficult and frustrating process of putting on, and then taking off, compression socks.

The Doff N’ Donner is a cushioned device that is about the size of a softball and allows you to quickly and easily glide compression stockings up and down your legs. Designed to accommodate various body types, the Doff N’ Donner helps you stick with your compression therapy program by taking discomfort and frustration out of the equation.

To use it, simply slide the compression stocking over your arm, then glide the Doff N’ Donner up the arm and over the garment. Roll the Doff N’ Donner back down your arm, letting it roll the garment back off with it. With the compression stocking now rolled onto this tool, simply glide the Doff N’ Donner onto your leg, letting it do all the “heavy lifting” of putting on the stocking. When you are ready to remove your support stockings, simply glide the Doff N’ Donner back up your leg and over the garment, and then roll it back down your leg along with the compression sock.

While the most obvious and immediate effect is easier, more pain-free compression sock use, other significant benefits of the Doff N’ Donner varicose vein stocking system include the ability to:

The Doff N Donner is designed to be used both for self-donning, as well as for use by a caregiver. This valuable tool can be used with both open and closed toe/heel compression stockings.

To see how much faster, easier and safer putting on your compression stockings can be, reach out to us for a priority consultation to see the Doff N’ Donner product firsthand. Our vein experts will demonstrate how to use this aid to get the healthiest legs possible and help relieve the symptoms taking a tool on your quality of life.

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