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Thanks to telehealth, it’s possible to diagnose circulatory issues, review diagnostic tests, and monitor the progress of treatment from the comfort of your own home. At Vascular Vein Centers, our board-certified vein specialists offer telehealth appointments. To schedule a telehealth appointment at the practice in Orlando, East Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Davenport/Haines City, The Villages, call the nearest office today or schedule online by clicking the link at the top of this page.

Teleheatlh Q & A

What is telehealth?

Telehealth is the use of telecommunication technologies, such as smartphones, tablets and computers, to provide care when you are not able to be in the same location as your providers.  If you have a telephone or device with internet access, you already have the tools necessary to schedule a telehealth appointment. Telehealth appointments can be scheduled at your convenience and conducted from anywhere.

What happens during a telehealth appointment?

At Vascular Vein Centers, our vein specialists use telehealth appointments to:

Diagnose circulatory issues

If you experience circulatory issues like swollen feet, leg cramps, or slow-healing ulcers, it’s important to identify the underlying cause. Without proper diagnosis and treatment, circulatory issues increase the risk of potentially serious complications.

Review diagnostic tests

Sometimes physical observation isn’t enough to diagnose vascular health problems. If your provider recommends diagnostic testing like a doppler ultrasound,, they can review the results with you during a telehealth visit.

Monitor the progress of vein treatment

Certain vein treatments, like sclerotherapy, require a series of appointments spaced over several weeks or months. Instead of visiting the nearest practice location for each checkup, your Vascular Vein Centers provider can monitor your progress over telehealth.

At Vascular Vein Centers, the providers tailor telehealth appointments to each individual’s needs. Still, most appointments follow a basic structure. First, your provider asks about your symptoms and reviews your medical history.

Afterward, they conduct an exam. During this part of the appointment, you might have to point the camera on your smartphone or computer at your legs or feet so your provider can get a good look at your veins and skin.

If you’re experiencing any unusual symptoms or have questions, make sure to speak up. Once your provider gathers the necessary information, they can determine the next best steps.

Are vein treatments conducted over telehealth?

No. Telehealth is an amazing technology, but certain procedures are still performed in the office. If your provider determines that you’re a candidate for vein treatment, you’ll have to visit the nearest practice location for one (or multiple) appointments.

If you have a busy schedule or lack access to transportation, let the administrative staff know when scheduling your appointment. If possible, they book your initial consultation and any future appointments through telehealth.

To learn more about the benefits of telehealth, make an appointment at Vascular Vein Centers by calling the nearest office today or scheduling online.

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