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Better Results from Varicose Vein Treatments and Spider Vein Treatments

Obtaining the best and most enduring results requires a venous disease doctor and vascular specialist looking for your underlying sources of your varicose veins and spider veins.

At the Vascular Vein Centers, we make a comprehensive assessment of your leg's venous system using a detailed physical examination and vascular imaging.

Treating the Cause of Varicose and Spider Veins

With more than 50 years of experience, the providers at Vascular Vein Centers are focused on helping you understand your vein disease and treating the cause of your leg varicose veins; facial, hand and spider veins; venous skin changes; and ulcers with state-of-the-art, minimally-invasive medical techniques that provide long-lasting results. Years of experience has given us a very successful methodology for therapy. Even with spider veins, which are considered a cosmetic issue, we frequently discover there is an underlying problem with leaking veins that if it is neglected, the treatment of spider veins is destined to failure.

Why You Need a Venous Disease Doctor

Not satisfied with the results of the vein treatments you’ve received at your spa? Let Vascular Vein Centers' venous disease doctors and vascular specialists treat the underlying origins of your vein conditions. Learn more about what causes those aching leg varicose veins, and how to get rid of spider veins, facial veins and bulging hand veins.

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Ask Us!
Everything you want to know about vein care.
Q: I have had spider treatments in the past, but am now experiencing new spiders in the same spot and my legs are achy, could I have a deeper vein problem?
A: Yes, you could have a deeper problem. Often times, when spider veins reoccur in the same area, there is a deeper vein that is still functional and contributing to additional spider veins. A complete examination, including using a vein light and perhaps an ultrasound is necessary to ensure your success.
May 14
Q: Does insurance cover my vein procedures?
A: All major insurance companies recognize vein problems as a medical condition. Depending upon your policy and your physical signs and symptoms, your vein procedures may be a covered benefit. VVC has a full time authorizations department who will assist you in understanding your insurance benefits and will verify your coverage and benefits.
Apr 14
Q: My doctor said I have lymphedema to my lower legs and suggested that I have a vein work-up, do you treat patients with this condition?
A: Yes, we do! Damage to the lymphatics can occur due to the constant pressure caused by venous disease. Your lymphedema practioner and vein specialist will work together to control your vein problem and provide thereapy to help control your lymphedema and regain as much function as possible. Vascular Vein Centers has a lymphedema therapist in-house who will work directly with you.
Apr 14

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