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Compression Socks & Devices Specialist

Vascular Vein Centers

Vascular Vein Centers located in Orlando, East Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Davenport/Haines City, The Villages

Graduated Compression socks and stockings promote healthy circulation, treat leg swelling and control the symptoms of venous insufficiency and varicose veins. The vein specialists at Vascular Vein Centers, with locations in Orlando, East Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, The Villages, Davenport/Haines City, Florida, offer medical-grade compression garments carefully fitted by certified fitters to accommodate your vein health needs. Call Vascular Vein Centers today or schedule a consultation online to find out which compression garment is right for you.


Compression Socks & Devices Q & A

What are compression socks and devices?

The team at Vascular Vein Centers offers medical-grade graduated compression socks and stockings, Velcro compression wraps and devices for treating vein disease and swelling. They also have devices to facilitate putting on and taking off your compression socks & stockings.

Graduated compression stockings

Graduated compression stockings provide the greatest pressure at the ankle and decrease pressure as the stocking extends up the calf or thigh. Medical compression stockings support the weakened vein walls. This assists the pumping action of the calf muscle which, keeps blood flowing out of the legs toward the heart and decreases pooling and swelling in the lower leg.

Velcro compression wraps


Velcro compression wraps are an option if you have significant swelling especially if it involves the top of the foot or if you have advanced skin changes or an ulcer in the ankle area. They are easier to get on than a stocking, give much more compression and are more comfortable.

For those with back issues, hand arthritis, or obesity, they are easier to apply versus a stocking. Vascular Vein Centers is committed to working with our patients to facilitate the process of applying and ensuring the proper fit.

When should I wear compression?

Compression should be worn if one will be up on their feet for significant periods of time. This is especially true for those whose job entails prolonged standing- beauticians, chefs, teachers, medical providers, etc. Compression should be worn when traveling especially if one has swelling.

Compression cannot prevent varicose and spider veins, but it can help control progression. Compression is applied after laser and sclerotherapy procedures and is strongly recommended after your treatment cycle is completed to decrease the chances of new varicosities over time.

How do compression stockings work?


Graduated compression stockings compress the leg, decreasing the diameter of varicose veins, supporting the calf pump, and thus preventing pooling of blood which causes swelling at the ankle level.

What is the best way to put on compression socks?

Compression stockings can be challenging to put on for some people. You might need to try a couple of techniques to find the best method for you.

If you have questions regarding putting compression stockings on or taking them off, please see our section on Application & Removal of Compression in Patient Resources.

If the stockings are difficult to put on due to back or weight issues or if hand strength or arthritis is an issue, these devices are available and the staff at Vascular Vein Centers can teach you various techniques to facilitate putting on and taking off compression.


Call Vascular Vein Centers or schedule an appointment online today for personalized advice on compression socks and devices.