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What Is Compression and How Does it Support Leg Health?

Graduated Compression therapy is the medical treatment most often used to treat venous conditions. By providing more pressure at the foot and ankle than the calf, compression increases calf function and efficiency, and lessens swelling. If you have visible evidence of vein disease, you need compression that requires a prescription.

Unfortunately, not everyone who sells compression stockings offers the very best in medical-grade compression garments, or is trained to provide you with the proper fit. Our DOC’S SOCKS stores offer both men and women a variety of colors, sizes, and lengths to accommodate almost any athletic or social need, and our vein care experts take careful measurements to ensure your stockings are properly fitted to your unique shape.

Graduated compression garments are the gold standard for treating vein disease and swelling.

"The laser procedure was a fast, simple, relatively painless procedure with little to no downtime."

— Sue A.

Compression therapy offers simple, effective protection against vein disease. It is the cornerstone of vein treatment at Vascular Vein Centers.

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Why Does VVC Specialize in Compression Stockings?

Combined with lifestyle changes and a focused health plan, compression stockings can prove extremely effective at managing venous disease. Compression stockings use modern elastic fabrics to promote blood flow and keep it from pooling in your lower leg veins. This prevents vein swelling, with resultant tissue destruction and breakdown that can affect patients with weakened vein walls and "leaky" valves.

As part of our practice emphasis on overall health and minimally invasive treatments, our team at VVC uses medical-grade compression stockings as the keystone for our treatment. Compression starts working immediately, is easy to use, and is an inexpensive way to support your vein health. Available in a variety of attractive styles, pressure grades and lengths, you can wear compression stockings for as much or as little time each day as you feel comfortable. If you struggle with putting stockings on or removing them due to arthritis or decreased flexibility, several tools are available to help you, or Velcro wraps can be substituted.

These are typical results from our certified vein treatment. If you have painful veins or simply want to improve your legs' appearance, get your consultation today.

We Use a Compression Stocking Size Chart for the Best Vein Treatment

For over a decade, we have used a compression stocking size chart and professional fittings to give you the greatest benefit from your compression. To get an idea of the size you may need, use our online stocking sizer.

When properly fitted and worn, compression can relieve some of the most uncomfortable symptoms and signs of venous disease:

  • Itching, burning, aching
  • Leg swelling
  • Bulging veins
  • Skin color changes

Compression therapy offers simple, effective protection against vein disease. It is the cornerstone of vein treatment at Vascular Vein Centers.

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