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Shoe Review Roundup: 9 Styles to Make or Break Leg Health

By Dr. Samuel P. Martin

Here’s a variety of shoe fashions and styles to fit any occasion. But just because they’re a stylish fit doesn’t mean they’re fitting for your leg health. Here’s the good, the bad and the ugly of our 9 most recent shoes reviewed!

Vigotti Espadrille: How long do you think you could wear this Vigotti Espadrille before feeling it in your  feet? Fashionable? Check! Good for leg health? Not so much. Despite their style, these shoes don’t offer the support or range of motion your calf needs to keep blood pumping through your leg veins. Save this one for a short lunch date and then slip into something with a flatter heel and more support.

Nine West Kitten Heel: With a low heel, these pumps don’t strain leg circulation as much as some shoes out there. But they still lack the cushioning and support needed for a full day around the office. Verdict: Grab a pair of cute flats and save this one for when you need to make a fierce impression.

Steve Madden Wedge: Your legs will look a mile long in these wedges. But they’ll also strain your legs  every step of the way. With a 3.75" heel, your veins pay a steep price for good looking legs. To support your leg circulation, choose a lower shoe that doesn’t keep the calf muscle engaged.

Sketchers Wedge Sneaker: New to fashion, these shoes look like a regular pair of high tops but actually feature a hidden heel to discreetly give you some height. But don’t let the look fool you-these shoes don’t perform like a real sneaker and should never be used for a game of hoops. You’ll need a real sneaker with a flat sole and plenty of cushioning.

Guess Flip-Flop Sandal: Flip Flops get a bad rap. People automatically assume they’re bad for your legs. This versatile Guess Flip-Flop Sandal can be dressed up with a skirt or dressed down with a pair of jeans and they’re not bad for your vein health. They feature a low heel that lets your calf flex freely and doesn’t strain your legs. This enhances the benefit of walking to prevent leg vein problems. If you’re beginning to experience varicose veins, this is a decent shoe for extended walking.

Steve Madden Pump: You’ve heard the term “Killer Looks”? Well pay attention; this shoe has it and  that’s not a good thing. With a 6-inch heel, snakeskin print and 1.5-inch platform, this Steve Madden shoe gives you a look guys will love, but your leg veins will hate. With little support and constant calf muscle engagement, this shoe could literally be killing your leg veins, requiring you to seek sclerotherapy and other related vein treatments sometime in the near future. Wear this shoe for brief periods only.

Guess Sneaker: With this sneaker’s flat heel and floral colors, this makes the perfect footwear for bouncing around spring festivals and fairs! As a sneaker, it combines the cushioning and support you need for an active day out, letting you enjoy the great warm weather without taxing your legs and leg veins.

Nine West Sandal: Pair this shoe with a couple of pain killers if you’re planning on taking it out for  extended walks, because this sandal’s designed for fashion, not enhancing your leg vein health. Sleek, flirtatious, eye-catching. This Nine West sandal seems to have it all-except the cushioning and support your foot needs during a long day at the office or evening out.

Steve Madden Oxford: If understated flair with a twist is your style, this Steve Madden oxford is for you. It features a flat sole and plenty of support. As vein specialists, we like this shoe because it makes a statement without punishing your leg veins!

Worried your shoe collection may have been taking a toll on your leg vein health? Use a Priority Consultation with an experienced VVC physician to evaluate your leg veins, prevent future issues and decide which shoe fashions will help keep your legs looking their best for many years to come!

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