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New Vein Removal Treats with No Scarring and Short Recovery

By Dr. Samuel P. Martin

Patients often come to us knowing they have problems with their veins, but they are worried about the process of “vein removal.” This fear may come from a loved one’s past experiences or personally from a “ligation and stripping” procedure that they underwent years ago. Today’s modern vein treatments now use minimally invasive techniques that involve less pain and recovery to let you get back on your feet much faster.

Ligation and stripping consists of many painful incisions, often more than 20, over the leg. The removal of segments of veins could be painful and often cosmetically disappointing because of the scars left behind. Because of the many incisions involved, patients also may have needed to be put under with general anesthesia. Recovery time was also much longer due to the invasiveness of this treatment.

Non-Invasive Vein Treatment at VVC

At Vascular Veins Center we don’t remove veins and there are no incisions. We close veins using a laser, known as Endovenous Laser Treatment (EVLT), or with chemical injections. Both techniques seal off problem veins.These non-invasive techniques also prevent abnormal veins from growing larger and leaking inflammatory fluid into the tissues of the lower leg. Excess fluid from leaking veins can cause tissue and skin damage.

Unlike the old-fashioned ligation and stripping technique, VVC’s new vein treatments can be done in the clinical setting using only local anesthesia. As a result, patients have no scarring, minimal downtime and a shorter recovery time. Most patients can return to their normal routine the same day.

Powerful new technologies have revolutionized the entire vein care process. Vein treatments once involved serious, painful operations. Treatments have now become far less invasive and easier to manage. Find out how easy it is to get started and take back the smooth, healthy legs you never thought you’d have again.

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