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You Can Get Comprehensive Vascular Care Right from the Comfort of Your Home

You Can Get Comprehensive Vascular Care Right from the Comfort of Your Home

Do you need vascular care but can’t attend an in-person consultation? Maybe you have a hectic schedule or don’t have reliable transport. 

Vascular Vein Centers has convenient locations throughout Florida, but we also offer telehealth appointments at which time we can diagnose a variety of issues right from the comfort of your home.

Here’s what you need to know about comprehensive vascular treatment through telehealth. 

How telehealth works

Telehealth uses telecommunication technologies to provide you with home-based care when you’re unable to attend a physical appointment. This technology is especially helpful if you live far from our treatment centers, have limited transport, have a busy schedule, or aren’t feeling up to an in-person visit. 

You can use different ways to attend your telehealth appointments, such as smartphones, tablets, computers, telephones, or any device with internet access. 

Telehealth appointments

If you’ve never had a telehealth appointment, you may be concerned about using the technology for the first time or have reservations about the standard of care. Our trained specialists can help you navigate the technology and ensure you receive the same top-quality care you get at in-person appointments. 

Here are some of the ways our team utilizes telehealth appointments. 

Conduct an initial diagnosis 

We can often diagnose certain vein issues from the comfort of your home. For example, we may be able to diagnose conditions that are externally visible such as: 

Sometimes, we won’t be able to confirm a diagnosis using your device’s camera alone. In that case, we may book you in for additional tests. Our specialists always discuss your options with you depending on your needs.

Discuss test results

If you previously came in for a scan or test, you don't have to come back into our center for the results. Instead, you can book a telehealth appointment to go over the results with us.

This way you can get your results even faster and save yourself the travel time.

Monitor treatment 

Once you enter treatment with us, we monitor your progress regularly to ensure your customized care plan works for you. Thanks to telehealth, we can often do follow-up sessions remotely. This means you can show us how your vascular treatments are progressing with your phone or computer camera. 

Though we can't provide all our vein treatments via telehealth, we do our best to make treatment as convenient as possible for you. For example, we can book appointments via telehealth whenever appropriate and limit your visits to our centers so that you only have to come in when necessary. 

If you’re interested in comprehensive vascular care via telehealth, use our online booking system to make an appointment now. For those who would prefer an in-person appointment, we also have multiple Vascular Vein Centers conveniently located throughout Florida. 

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