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What Kind of Results Can I Get with Sclerotherapy?

Are you in search of a way to rid yourself of pesky spider or varicose veins? At Vascular Vein Centers, we offer a treatment called sclerotherapy – a minimally invasive medical procedure that reduces the appearance of spider veins and/or varicose veins. In this blog, we discuss sclerotherapy and what kind of results you can expect from the procedure.

How sclerotherapy works

Sclerotherapy is a minimally invasive procedure involving the use of fine needles and a salt, sugar, or detergent solution. Your physician chooses the appropriate solution based on a few factors, including the size and location of the affected vein, as well as the necessary strength of the sclerosant. Each type of solution is safe and effective.

The chosen solution is injected into the affected vein, causing it to scar and forcing a reroute of your blood through healthy veins. Once that vein is collapsed, it eventually reabsorbs into the surrounding tissue and fades away. Treatment typically takes 15-30 minutes, and sometimes requires more than one treatment, depending on the size of the vein. Small or medium veins are usually most appropriate and responsive to sclerotherapy.

The results

You should expect to start seeing the results of your treatment within a few weeks. However, sclerotherapy is a chemical reaction and may take up to six months for your results to appear. Your physician may recommend wearing compression socks for 24 hours after your treatment to assist in the effectiveness of the solution. Staying active will also help with your treatment, as immobility increases your risk of a blood clot.

Sclerotherapy may not give you perfect results, but there is a 75-90% success rate for this procedure. On average, people see a 70-75% reduction of vein visibility. These results are long-term for the treated area. However, new veins may pop up over time and will need additional treatment.

You may experience some temporary side effects, including bruising, skin discoloration, skin sores, inflammation, and small red blood vessels. These reactions should go away within a few days or weeks. There are rare, more serious side effects that will need treatment, such as an allergic reaction to the solution or blood clots.

With new developments in medicine and technology, it’s now easier and safer than ever to get rid of those unsightly spider veins and/or varicose veins. Our experienced vein specialists are ready and eager to help you love your legs again. Give us a call, or book an appointment online at any of our Florida locations to get started.

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