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Varicose Veins and Women's Health- Charles I Stein, MD, FACOG

Charles I Stein, MD, FACOG

Varicose veins are unsightly sometimes bluish bulgy veins seen in the legs. In women these can result from pregnancies and may be exacerbated by cyclic hormone production, weakness of the vein wall, heredity, and lifestyle. Wearing high heels regularly, sitting and standing, especially for long periods, play a significant role. 

Many women with varicose vein disease don’t realize that in addition to the unsightliness of varicose and spider veins the condition has medical ramifications and symptoms such as tired, heavy legs, changes in the skin texture with drying and darkening of the skin of the lower leg as well as the risk of leg ulcers and even blood clots (DVT’s).

Since varicose veins are truly a medical condition called “superficial venous insufficiency”, the treatment is usually covered by health insurance and consists of minimally invasive office procedures such as Laser ablation and sclerotherapy injections. These procedures are relatively painless and allow rapid return to normal activity as well as providing excellent, enduring results.

Primary care physicians may not focus on patient leg vein issues because symptoms and signs are often subtle and overlooked. Since women are more affected than men and most women see their OB-Gyn’s for primary care through menopause, many referrals to our center come from these physicians who specialize in women’s health.

Since recently joining Vascular Vein Centers, I have been so impressed with the level of caring and commitment to patients. I bring 22 years of vein care experience and commitment to my patients, and I now see patients in the Lake Mary Office of Vascular Vein Centers.

Charles I Stein, MD, FACOG

Board Certified Physician & Certified Laser Vein Specialist

Fellow American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery

Member AVLS


Vascular Vein Centers- Lake Mary

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