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Love Your Legs Tip #1: Don’t Assume Spider Veins are Only Cosmetic

By Dr. Samuel P. Martin

This February we’re giving you four ways to love your legs! From dangerous misconceptions to essential treatment tips, you’ll learn the important info you need to show your legs some love this month!

The unattractive aesthetic effects of spider veins, including webs of twisted red, purple and blue blood vessels that are easily visible through the skin, are not the only impact you may notice. Those cosmetic blemishes can indicate an underlying vein problem.

Physical symptoms of spider veins can include discomfort like itching and burning. Certain patterns of spider veins can often indicate an underlying vein problem that you cannot see on your skin, leading to some of the more painful symptoms associated with varicose veins such as aching, heaviness and even swelling, especially at the end of the day.

While the development of spider veins cannot always be avoided and may run in your family, these unsightly webs of veins may also warn of deeper health concerns you should take note of. These concerns include fitness and lifestyle issues that are taking a toll on your leg health. 

Tip #1: Don’t assume your spider veins are merely cosmetic. Get a routine evaluation of your spider veins from a trusted vein doctor.

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