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Long-term Management of Chronic Venous Disease

Long-term Management of Chronic Venous Disease

Patients sometimes say: “I’ve had some vein treatments, but my legs still swell and ache after a long day!”

Our question to them: “Have you ‘finished’ your prescribed Treatment Plan”?


In the immortal words of Yogi Berra – “It ain’t over till it’s over.”


Venous insufficiency is a chronic (constantly recurring) condition that requires medical treatment as well as lifestyle changes. It can be compared to diabetes, hypertension and heart disease. Treatment requires thorough physical and ultrasound examination before your vein specialist can prescribe a personal Treatment Plan. Once treatment has started, it is imperative you continue to be regularly evaluated and treated by your vein specialist until goals have been achieved. Your specific Treatment Plan must be fully followed in order to get the best enduring results. No medical problem is solved without full buy-in to the prescribed care plan.

Patients who take a significant break from their Treatment Plan or fail to ‘finish’ their prescribed Treatment Plan will not get optimal or significant results and will experience further progression.

Patients who complete their prescribed Treatment Plan without disruption and continue to adhere to lifestyle changes, including wearing compression, will avoid the progressive skin changes that can lead to the development of ulcers.

Wearing compression socks, stockings or wraps, especially when one is on their feet for long periods of time, can stave off achiness and swelling toward the end of the day.

There is no quick fix for venous insufficiency- it has taken years to occur. We ask our patients to be patient through the treatment process, realizing that the results we are trying to achieve together will endure for many years. As the only IAC Accredited Vein Center in Central Florida, Vascular Vein Centers, takes pride in using minimally invasive techniques which cause minimal discomfort during and after the procedures allowing our patients to resume normal activities almost immediately.

Compression socks & stockings may need to be varied depending on the patient’s circumstances. Schedule your compression sock fitting today at no charge.

For expert help with your compression stockings, call or click online today to schedule a visit at your nearest Vascular Vein Centers office in central Florida. We have six locations in Orlando, Waterford Lakes of East Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Mary, Davenport/Haines City, and The Villages, Florida. 

Samuel P. Martin, MD, FACS Founder and Medical Director at Vascular Vein Centers

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