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Healthy Home Exercises for Your Legs

By Nadene Weil, Director of Patient & Physician Relations

Vascular Vein Centers is considered an essential medical practice and as such continues to remain open to serve our patients. We want to do all we can to ensure you are able to maintain healthy legs at home.

Healthy at Home Exercises for Your Legs

There are various foot and leg exercises to enhance leg circulation and venous return from the legs. A few are explained here and can be done while at home with just a chair, mat or rug. You can repeat each of these exercises during each session as many times as you like but its OK to begin with just a few of each. Our healthcare providers are available to discuss what’s best for you during any visit so don’t hesitate to call Vascular Vein Centers at to schedule an initial evaluation at one of our convenient locations or TELEHEALTH encounter today. TELEHEALTH appointments accomplished via telephone or video conferencing. Make sure to ask when you call so we can accommodate you.

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Exercise with a Chair

Exercise with a Mat or On the Floor

If you have a place to lay on a mat or carpet you can include:

Elevate Your Legs

When resting while sitting or even lying down in bed, we recommend you elevate your legs whenever possible. Whether you sit in a recliner, lay on the couch or you use a foot stool, elevating your legs will help blood and other fluid move from your lower legs, lessening pressure in your lower extremities and to help with blood flow.

Stay Positive- Better Days Are on Their Way

Take this time to rest and relax. Share a positive and encouraging message with a friend or family member.

“Each day provides its own gifts.” —Marcus Aurelius


Our Safety and Disinfecting Precautions

To keep both you and our staff safe, we have implemented extra safety measures:

Concentrating Our Safety Efforts to 5 Convenient Locations

Our Lake Mary and Waterford Lakes medical teams are now seeing patients at some of our other locations that are close by so that we can concentrate safety and sterilization procedures in fewer spaces. We will see you in one of our other 5 convenient offices; College Park, Kissimmee, The Villages, Davenport and Viera.

Visitor Policy

At this time, we are only allowing a patient visitor for physical or emotional needs. In some cases, we may ask the patient or visitor to wait outside during the patient appointment. Visitors are required to answer screening questions upon entry.

Visit our Facebook page and Google listings for updates.

If you have a fever greater than 100.4 or symptoms of a respiratory illness, please call us to reschedule your appointment:

Toll free: (877) 244-8558


For most recent updates:





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