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Gather Safely This Holiday Season & Donate to our Virtual Food Drive

Give the gift of hope

Gather Safely This Holiday Season & Donate to our Virtual Food Drive

We hope you & your family and friends are staying safe and have remained healthy throughout the current COVID-19 pandemic. We wanted to give everyone a simple reminder to remain vigilant as COVID-19 positive test rates are rising; the primary reason for the increases is now known to be related to family and friend gatherings.

Please encourage COVID 19-SAFE family and friend gatherings!


HELP US HELP OTHERS: For every $10 donated we can provide 40 meals for our neighbors in need.

Second Harvest Virtual Food Drive:

DONATE TO FEED HOPE NOW- Vascular Vein Centers

Please join us in bringing hope to our neighbors in need by making a gift through our Virtual Food Drive. So many people in our community are struggling just to meet their basic needs, like nutritious food. Thousands of seniors, children, working-poor families, and others are counting on the support of caring people like you to just to get by this holiday season.

Well into the 21st century hunger is the world’s biggest health problem.

A child dies from hunger every 10 seconds.

Over 8 million people have died in the world, this year


We continue to be OPEN & SAFE

Here are the CDC recommendations, which may not seem reasonable (but neither is the pandemic spread of the COVID 19 virus).

If possible, outside gatherings are better than inside, especially if the beautiful Florida weather permits. Please keep in mind you may not be familiar with someone’s friend who comes along for the day (you may not know who they have been in contact with) to attend your family and friends gathering. Regardless, hand washing and encouraging “space” is OK to do!

Vascular Vein Centers is considered an essential medical practice will continue to remain open to serve our patients in a safe environment. We encourage all our patients to share your experience with your family and friends.

Our Safety and Disinfecting Precautions

To keep both you and our staff safe, we have implemented extra safety measures:

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Nadene Weil, Director of Patient & Physician Relations

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