Athletic Compression Stockings Can Increase Performance

By The Vascular Vein Centers Team

Athletic compression stockings have gained considerably popularity within the last year. The question is, do they help performance?...

A recent study conducted by the Harvard Medical International Associated Institution confirmed that constant pressure from the outside, an effect that can be attained by wearing tightly fitted sports clothing, causes an increased blood circulation in the extremities. The blood circulation of the lower legs can also be increased by wearing compression sport socks.

A follow-up study of 19 marathon runners who tested the CEP running socks for three months in training and in competition found the following results:

l. About half of the runners experienced an easier run (47%) and a more loose calf musculature (53%) using CEP socks.

2. 60% of the runners who suffer from muscle and tendon aches in the lower leg or experience pain in the ankle joint/foot reported alleviation from these aches as a result of wearing these sports socks

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