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See Our Vein Center Reviews

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We take pride in delivering personalized vein care that gives you the best possible results. Take a look at our vein center reviews below to see what other patients have to say about our exceptional team, great locations and state-of-the-art treatments.

"The care and compassion that I have received during my visits has been wonderful."

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"I have had the shots and the laser surgery therapy at VVC.The care and compassion that I have received during my visits and therapy afterwards has been wonderful. The doctors and staff work tirelessly at their jobs and still try to put your fears at ease during the procedures. After the procedure the doctor himself would call to check on you to see if you were okay and not in pain. That just isn't done any where else! I would not trust my veins to anyone else."

Margie D.

"I have had leg swelling for years and I never knew that I could do anything about it."

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"My legs were just getting bigger and bigger and my skin was getting worse and worse. After seeing several specialists I was finally referred to the Vascular Vein Centers. Since my vein treatments and lymphedema treatment, my leg swelling and skin has gotten so much better. I can fit into shoes I haven't worn in a long time."

Martin C.

"From the moment that I walked into the office at VVC, I was greeted with a smile."

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"The doctors and staff were very hospitable and took me step by step through the procedure. During my diagnosis, I was asked this question, "Do your legs feel heavy?" I am pretty active in my exercise regiment and thought for a while and anwered "No". After a few months of treatments in both of my legs, I realized that my legs did feel heavy, and that over the past few years I guess I was just getting "use to it". Today I am in the early stages training for the Disney Half Marathon in January 2016, and I have VVC to thank!"

Garett M

"Thanks, Dr. Hart and the entire Lake Mary staff! I'll forever be grateful to you."

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"I didn't know how much I needed treatment when I arrived. I thought my legs hurt due to I didn't hit the gym often enough, but that wasn't the case. From the first visit, the Lake Mary staff assured me I'd feel so much better after going through treatment. At the time I thought, 'that's nice,' but I truly didn't think this would solve my issues. However, my husband pushed me to go and am I ever grateful. I'm nearing the end of my treatments and I went to Disney for the first time since treatment. The last time I went I couldn't make it to the Epcot ball before dying in pain. This time we arrived at opening and hopped to three different parks staying clear until one in the morning. I felt great!!! Everyone around me complained of aches and pains but I never felt more alive. I could have walked another full day at Disney. No more siting around for this girl. Thanks, Dr. Hart and the entire Lake Mary staff! I'll forever be grateful to you. "

Stephanie, Deltona

"I like your crew and appreciate it when they accept my off beat sense of humor. "

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"I have to admit that when I came to your place in The Villages, my legs were getting fairly puffy. Over the past year you have worked on them and now my legs look normal - even on the rare days I skip my compression socks when I visit your office. Thanks"

Stu R, Orlando

"VVC provides the highest quality of care I have ever received."

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"VVC provides the highest quality of care I have ever received. They provide pertinent information and work with any insurance. They take the pressure of the patient. I am eternally grateful that this office and doctors exist. "


"I have had such a wonderful experience while dealing with my leg issues and everyone has been awesome."

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"I was surprised when Dr. Arnold explained that my legs are good and ready to go straight to correcting the spider veins when I'm up to it. He has been a jewel and it renews my faith that there are still great Dr.s that are truly there to serve the patients. Thanks to Dr. Arnold, Dr. Martin, Dr. Hart and all of the staff for making my leg issues such a pleasant experience. Best of luck to you and I look forward to seeing you on my next visit. "


"I have really noticed a big difference in my legs since I've been coming here, they were really a mess."

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"All of the staff here has been great! Sometimes I feel sexy again due to all of the help I've gotten here! Thank you all!"

Pearl L.

"The laser procedure was a fast, simple, relatively painless procedure with little to no downtime."

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"Everyone was extremely friendly, which made the whole experience even better. I never thought it would be so easy!"

Sue A.

"I have been a patient since 2011 and I can't express my gratitude too much. "

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"The associates and the treatment is excellent. There is nothing to fear about the treatments. They have made my life so much more enjoyable. I now can stand for estended periods of time without pain. There is no pain involved with the treatments. Thank you to Dr. Hart and all the personnel that have made my life so much better."

Donald B, Orlando

"Since my vein surgery, my life has improved significantly. "

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"My name is Hector Torres and I am a triathlete and a triathelete coach. I had many veins that were very thick and could feel the heaviness in my legs, especially when I stood up. Since my vein surgery, my life has improved significantly. I was surprised at how quickly my recovery process and performance improved. As a performance athlete my recovery is quicker and faster. "

Hector T.

"Being an outdoors person, I usually would wear shorts for most activities. However, having this vein problem,I always felt a great deal of embarrassment."

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"I had developed vascular vein problems in my early 20's which I inherited from my father who had suffered from this condition his entire life, As I grew older,the veins in my legs had become much more unsightly and uncomfortable and continued to do so as time went on. Being an outdoors person,I usually would wear shorts for most activities. However, having this vein problem,Ialways felt a great deal of embarrassment. Finally last year,after continued and extreme discomfort,I was told that there may be a solution to my leg vein problem decided to get an analysis done at Vascular Win Centers of both my legs. At the center,they performed an intense workup of my legs and came up with a comprehensive plan to remedy my leg problems. As we went through the process,Dr. Martin and his staff were extremely professional and very thorough.As time went on and improvements began to show,I started to gain confidence that I had made the right decision to obtain treatment at Vascular Vein Centers. The procedures were precise,painless and not time-consuming at all.Today as we near the end of my treatment program,I am more satisfied than I could ever have imagined I would be.My legs feel better and look better and much more youthful. Thank you,Dr.Martin and staff,for a job well-done. I always recommend you and Vascular Vein Centers whenever I run into people thatI know would benefit from your services. Thank you again! "

Jim G.

"My experience with Dr. Kenny & staff at the Rockledge/Viera office has been amazing!"

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"Everyone is always professional, patient and friendly. My legs feel better now than ever before and look simply beautiful. I was most impressed with the compassionate care I received, the complete attention to every detail and the prompt delivery of service. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Kenny and staff."

Mary Ellen

"He and his assistants are just the best anyone could ask for and deserve recognition."

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"I would like to compliment Dr. Arnold's staff - Kisha, Anna and of course the Davenport office receptionist/nurse. My legs are so sensitive and these ladies are caring, gentle and really put a patient at ease. These are the qualities I like in those caring for me. I love Dr. Arnold and manner of explaining everything. "

Elaine, Winter Haven

"Both of my legs really hurt when I first arrived at the vein clinic."

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"Now I can walk and play golf without the discomfort. I have really seen a big change in my life."

Judith J.

"I have been going to VVC for years."

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"I have been going to VVC for years. I've had countless procedures, and each time it's been easy and relatively painless. For a doctor's office, they are very punctual. I can't remember the last time I had to wait. Highly recommended!"

Jussi D., Orlando, FL

"I would definitely recommend Dr Martin and the Orlando practice."

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"I have been to the vascular vein center to see Dr Martin four times and each time it has been an excellent experience.The staff is very compassionate and knowledgeable. I would definitely recommend Dr Martin and the Orlando practice."

Jean J., Orlando, FL

"I was seeking laser therapy for my legs because I was experiencing aches and pains in my legs along with swelling and bulging veins."

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"My therapy consisted of laser treatment and spider vein treatment. It was very easy to get started at Vascular Vein Centers. At my initial consult the staff developed a treatment plan that I would receive. They were very informative and did a great job informing me about my treatment. The office was professional and provided a comfortable and relaxed environment. They offered music on an I pad during therapy to help me relax. I choose vascular vein centers because I heard about Dr. Martin and his practice. After meeting the staff I felt very comfortable moving forward with the therapy. My life has improved since my treatment since I had therapy on my legs from the standpoint of not being so self -conscious about my legs and feeling relief of the symptoms. I would recommend someone who is feeling self conscious about their legs or feeling the symptoms to seek treatment at Vascular Vein Centers. "

Stacy M.

"I absolutely love the Team at the Edgewater branch of VVC! "

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"They have taken such good care of me. They are super-competent and NICE at the same time. They all truly care for their patients and are ready to answer any and all of your questions and to work with you to reach healthy legs even if you have other medical conditions. I LOVE VVC!!!"

Judi L'Hommedieu, Orlando

"You can rest assured that you are truly in the best of hands when you are a patient of Vascular Vein Center."

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"I have been a patient of Dr. Martin's for over 25 years. Each and every visit with DR. Martin and the staff at Vascular Vein Center has always been very professional and I have always been treated as someone special. Your condition is treated and you receive an education about your particular condition and the do's and don'ts. "

Gerry Debelles, Orlando

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