Using Insurance Coverage for Your Treatment

Vein disease is recognized by all insurance companies as a chronic medical condition and is usually a covered medical benefit if sufficient signs and symptoms are present. Vascular Vein Centers has a full-time insurance authorization team to serve you. Our team will assist with insurance questions and obtain your available benefits.

Want to see if your plan covers vein care and to what degree? Click here! Also, before changing plans, check the coverage of the new plan with us to see if Vascular Vein Center is a covered provider. Unfortunately, we have had some patients change plans only to find we are not providers, and this has caused disruption of care, which we have no control over.

VVC Helps with Your Vein Treatment Financing

Our team makes it simple to get financing to cover treatments. We have several options for financing available and payment options to help if you have a high deductible. Payment plans can be customized.

To go directly to our online application process, please click this link:

Apply for CareCredit Financing Here

For complete terms and conditions, please visit the Care Credit website:

If you have additional questions about our financing programs please email us or call: 407-244-8559 x 3105

We offer many options to help you pay for the vital vein treatment you need, including financing and payment plans.

Our New Relationship with Cigna LocalPlus Could Benefit You

As a Cigna LocalPlus member, achieving healthier, pain-free legs at VVC is in your future. We’re partnering with your insurance provider, effective January 1, 2020, to eliminate the symptoms of a serious underlying medical condition, varicose veins.

Most insurance plans consider vein disease to be a chronic medical condition, so now’s the time to schedule your consultation. Don’t wait, schedule today, and be pain-free sooner!

"I would definitely recommend Dr Martin and the Orlando practice."

— Jean J., Orlando, FL

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We are aware of healthcare costs, high deductibles and copays. Our team is always trying to hold your cost down and help you find economical solutions in these challenging times for healthcare.

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