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Vein Center Patient Resources to Help You

Leg health is our primary goal at VVC! We have several resources available to help you gain an understanding about vein disease and treatment options. Making your vein treatment convenient and comfortable is our main objective.

VVC Patient Resources for Self-Evaluation and Knowledge

Questions about vein care? We have a full list of VVC patient resources designed to give you a complete overview of vein disease and understanding of your care. Start with our “Cycle of Care” to see the steps in your vein treatment plan. This will guide you through the entire process, from initial consultation to follow-up care.

Still want more information on the treatment process at VVC? Visit our FAQs to see the most common questions we get asked. Our blog also shares some of the latest health topics related to veins.

"The laser procedure was a fast, simple, relatively painless procedure with little to no downtime."

— Sue A.

We’ve included various patient resources on our website to help you better understand vein disease and get the relief you deserve.

Current Specials and Patient Forms to Save You Time and Money

Many of our patients rely on our regular specials for valuable savings that help them afford the important vein care they need. Sign up for our current specials for big savings on the best treatments and products available.

Visiting us for the first time? Save time during your first appointment by accessing the new patient forms we make available. Download, print and complete these forms before your appointment to save time and stress during your first visit.

Meet the Vein Specialists and Find Your Nearest Office

At VVC, we want to you to know that your present and future health is very important to us. Take a minute and meet the vein specialists who will be caring for you during your visit. We’re proud of our exceptional team of dedicated vein care professionals.

VVC features several convenient area locationsPlease find the nearest one below and click on the details to ensure this is the best office for you.

What Certifications Does Our Practice Carry?

VVC is proud to be the first dedicated vein center to service Central Florida. Our providers have over 50 years of experience and have been dedicated to leg health and vein care since 2001We have received the highest accreditation for our Vascular Laboratory by IAC, the pre-eminent board for vascular lab oversight. We also have achieved board recognition for special qualification to interpret vascular studies, RPVI from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

In addition to boards from the American Board of Surgery in general surgery, the only specialty at this time to encompass venous therapy as part of residency training, Dr. Martin has specialty training in Vascular Surgery and was one of the first group of physicians to obtain The American Board of Venous and Lymphatic Disease. In addition to all physicians having experience in treating venous ulcers, Dr. Martin is one of a small group of physicians to have obtained board qualifications in wound care (CWSP). There is no other vascular or vein practice in Florida that has these qualifications. Please check for yourself.

Trust our team with your long-term health in mind. Reach out to a vein care specialist to see how VVC puts you on the path to renewed vein health. Since we opened in 2001, over 30,000 patients have trusted us for their vein care, and we’d be honored to treat you as well.

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