Varithena Is A Top Non-Surgical Varicose Vein Treatment

Without incisions, Varithena safely and effectively treats varicose veins. The only FDA- approved treatment using a specially-formulated microfoam, Varithena treatment improves symptoms of bulging veins and venous insufficiency, making it a highly sought-after effective treatment to improve leg health.

What Is Varithena?

Varithena is an FDA-approved, non-surgical outpatient procedure using injectable polidocanol microfoam for the treatment of varicose veins. Varithena microfoam incorporates CO2, which micronizes the bubbles and makes the foam thicker, allowing it to dissolve faster than foam without CO2. After treatment, you can return to normal activities the same day, although heavy exercise should be avoided for a while.

How Does Varithena Work?

Varithena microfoam closes diseased veins through ultrasound-guided injection. The microfoam displaces the blood within the diseased vein, causing it to collapse and blood to be rerouted to healthier veins nearby. Varithena treatment is often used in conjunction with venous ablation, and most patients feel little, if any, pain during this outpatient procedure.

"I would definitely recommend Dr Martin and the Orlando practice."

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Is Varithena the Best Vein Treatment for You?

Varithena treatment is proven to provide significant improvement to the quality of life and relief for the signs and symptoms of venous sufficiency:

  • Achy, heavy legs
  • Chronic swelling at the end of the day
  • Lower leg skin discoloration
  • Formation of venous ulcers

Because of Varithena’s rapid absorption and its demonstrated effectiveness, it is an excellent treatment option to avoid future vein disease symptoms. Varithena is tolerated well and speeds up the treatment period with superior results. If you leave your venous insufficiency left untreated, affected areas may become swollen, discolored leading to possible venous ulcers. With Varithena treatment, you’ll enjoy healthy legs that look and feel years younger.

VVC's Varithena Treatment from the Best Vein Doctor

You can trust our team of experienced vein-treatment specialists when you choose Vascular Vein Centers to treat your venous insufficiency. Dr. Samuel P. Martin is a board-certified vascular surgeon and an expert in vein health and the latest in venous insufficiency treatments like Varithena and leads our team of board-certified specialists to help patients across Florida achieve healthy legs for a healthy life.

Request a consultation at Vascular Vein Centers and restore your leg health. We’ve helped over 30,000 patients since we opened our doors in 2001, and we’d be happy to treat you.

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