The Message Behind Our New Logo

By The Vascular Vein Centers Team

Vascular Vein Centers celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2011. Although Dr. Sam Martin has been in practice for 30 years, it was 10 years ago that he started the first practice dedicated to the treatment of vein problems. To commemorate our anniversary, we are unveiling our new logo and are very proud of the “look” and what it stands for.

Because Vascular Vein Centers is dedicated to vein disease as well as the overall health and wellbeing of our patients, we have selected Winged Mercury (Herves) to represent our practice.

As the messenger or mediator of the gods, Mercury represents our role as mediator between medical science and your needs. Also the god of abundance and commercial success, Mercury represents VVC’s dedication to a healthy, fulfilling life as well as prosperity.

You may also notice these key features of our depiction of Mercury:

While Vascular Vein Center’s mission is to treat diseased veins and preserve leg health, we are concerned with the overall health and wellbeing of our patients. We seek to be the wind beneath your wings and to bring you knowledge on how to create abundance in your life.

What do you think of our new look?

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