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DVT...Prevention is Key!

By Dr. Samuel P. Martin

When it comes to DVT...prevention is key! Although DVT (deep vein thrombosis or blood clot) can occur with little or no warning, your risk can be reduced by taking the appropriate preventative care...

When it comes to DVT...prevention is the key.

Although DVT blood clots can occur with little or no warning, your risk can be reduced by taking the appropriate preventative care.

You can work to actively manage your risk factors and help prevent DVT blood clots by:

Planning surgery? 

If you are planning surgery or an extended hospital stay, make sure you take appropriate pre-operative and post-operative choices. Talk to your doctor about a DVT risk assessment survey, the period of “bed rest” and activity, as well as the potential need for anticoagulation and / or anti-embolic stockings.

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